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The R25 is an industrial quality plastic granulator.  Suitable materials for recycling include PP, HIPS, ABS and LDPE.  Materials to be granulated are loaded into the hopper at the top of the machine.  A combination of static and rotating blades gradually chops the material into smaller and smaller pieces.  Once the material reaches a small enough size it passes out through a mesh filter and into a collection bin.

The cutting blades are powered by a three phase motor fitted with a phase inverter, allowing operation from a normal 230V electrical supply.  A three-phase version of the R25 (R25HH) is also available.  When not in use, a lockable cover can be fitted over the inlet chute, ensuring that no unwanted debris enters the machine.



Voltage – R25H Single Phase Version 230V 50-60Hz – R25H
Voltage – R25HH 3 Phase Version 400V 3 Ph – R25HH
Power 1kW
Max Current 5 Amps
Blade Rotation Speed 290rpm
Fixed Blades 2
Rotating Blades 3 x 4
Cutting Chamber Size 200 x 280mm
Output 80Kg / Hour
Noise Level 85dB

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