TecQuipment Refrigeration Cycle – EC1500V

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This simple, bench-top refrigeration cycle unit assists students to learn the stages of refrigeration at an entry level. Students learn about Pressure-Enthalpy charts and use the chart for R-134a to determine the Coefficient of Performance (COP), superheat and sub-cooling from the enthalpy changes.

The refrigeration circuit features high and low-pressure gauges, a pressure switch, sight glass, filter dryer and TEV valve. The circuit also includes pressure transducers that connect to the instrumentation. Four thermocouples placed around the refrigeration circuit allow the observation of temperatures, these can be used for the calculation of potential super-heating and sub-cooling.

The evaporator and condenser coils are submerged in heat source and heat sink water tanks for the clear demonstration of a practical heat pump. A small pump provides a circulation of the water between the heat source and sink for steady state experiments.

Key features:

  • Pressure and temperature measurements taken around the refrigeration circuit
  • LCD display of all measured parameters
  • VDAS® connectivity included featuring data acquisition via USB
  • VDAS® Software allows students to visualize experimental parameters using Pressure-Enthalpy charts
  • Temperature sensors in heat source and heat sink water tanks allows clear demonstration of a refrigeration or heat pump cycle
  • Water pump allows circulation of water for steady-state experiment
  • Refrigerant circuit colour-coded to international standard

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn to use a P-h Chart
  • Determine Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Determine superheat and sub-cooling
  • Basic refrigeration cycle energy balance
  • Determine isentropic and non-isentropic efficiencies of the compression stage
  • Effect of heat source and heat sink temperatures on COP