ERIDES Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit – MCFC10


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Erides Refrigeration Trainer for Education

The equipment is composed of a transparent unit edged with anodised aluminium and elevated on feet.

The transparent walls allow visibility on all sides whilst protecting both the equipment and its users.

Once plugged in and connected to the water input and output, the machine works automatically.

The visible condensation and evaporation allow for the understanding of the cycle processes.

Once the machine has reached steady state, measurements can be taken and can be used even after the machine has been turned off.

The fluid used is R134a which is universally accepted by the new European regulation.

The regulation is controlled by a thermostatic expansion valve of equalized internal pressure.

The unit allows for measurement of flow rate, pressure, temperature and more, depending on the option chosen.

The fluid enthalpy chart is transposed onto a transparency at the centre of the unit allowing for rapid analysis of the fluid state parameters at any given point.

“All of the students that have the opportunity to see the [Eridès] Refrigeration Trainer in operation and do their lab report based on readings really get a lot out of it. Interesting to note: Our refrigeration tech was fascinated by the unit. He is a very experienced technician, and he was simply amazed at seeing the thermodynamic cycle in action. Typically, refrigeration technicians follow pressure and temperature readings, and gauging from his reaction, they most times give little thought to the phase changes that take place inside the guts of the unit.”

Daniel Saulnier,
  CCNB Campus de Bathurst