PIGNAT Reverse Osmosis – OSM3000


Reverse osmosis membrane filtration process. Osmosed water production

Study the reverse osmosis process for water and various NaCl solutions:

  • Determine the osmotic pressure of water
  • Van’t Hoff equation
  • Determine how the overall retention of the module varies with the filtration pressure and initial concentration of the salt solution
  • Variation in the conversion rate of the membrane

Qualitative and quantitative comparison with experimental data:

  • Material balance
  • Influence of pressure on osmosed water production rate

Proposed experiments:

  • Filtration with water:
  • Determine the osmotic pressure of water.
  • Demonstrate the Van ’t Hoff equation.
  • Filter NaCl solutions with increasing concentrations:
  • For each concentration, measure the conductivity and permeate and concentrate flow rates.
  • Determine the overall NaCl retention of the module.
  • Determine the NaCl conversion rate.
  • Compare the qualitative and quantitative yield.

Technical description:

  • 1 200L polyethylene tank with removable lid, isolating valve and draining valve.
  • Raw water feeding with cartridge filter.
  • Copper coil for cooling fluid circulation and isolating valves.
  • Low level switch.
  • Stainless steel multi stage centrifugal pump 0 to 20 bar , flow rate 4-12m³/hour. Isolating valve and pressure gauge 0-25 bar on the discharge pipe.
  • Reverse osmosis module.
    • Stainless steel casing, polymer filament membrane.
    • Pressure dial gauge 0 to 25 bar on the
    • feeding section and adjusting valve.
  • Vinyl pipe permeate circuitry:
    • Sampling valve
    • Float flow meter, 64 to 640 L/hour.
    • 100L polyethylene storage tank, graduated, with removable lid and draining valve
  • Vinyl pipe retentate circuitry:
    • Sampling valve
    • Pressure retaining valve
    • Float flow meter, 300 to 3000 L/hour.
    • 100L polyethylene storage tank, graduated, with removable lid and draining valve
  • Stainless steel by-pass circuitry:
    • Pressure-retaining valve.


  • 3 manometers.
  • 3 PVC flowmeters
  • 2 combined probes (conductivity and temperature) with portable electronic indication.

Dim : 200 x 80 x 195 cm – 125 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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