TecQuipment Schlieren Apparatus for AF302 – AF302A

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A monochrome Schlieren apparatus for use with the AF302 Continuous Supersonic Wind Tunnel.

The Schlieren apparatus allows students to see density gradients as variations in intensity of illumination. This allows them to see supersonic air flow patterns around models. It also clearly shows shockwaves and expansions, and students can compare their positions and angles with values predicted by theory.

The mirrors and lenses are of high optic standards to reduce any possibility of optic distortions of the images.

The apparatus includes digital imaging equipment to record the images.

The video monitor is useful to display the images to groups of students. The imaging equipment can capture still images and any real-time changes in the image.

Key features:

  • Monochrome Schlieren apparatus with a high-power light source and imaging screen
  • High-quality, laboratory-standard mirrors and lenses for clear images without distortion
  • Shows supersonic air flow patterns around models
  • Shows shockwaves and expansions
  • Includes digital imaging equipment and video monitor

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