MARCRAFT Solar Photovoltaic & Wind Turbine Installer Certification – GT-9500



The Solar/Wind Energy Training Program provides students with a hands-on interactive experience with wind power technology and wind turbine design, introducing them to design and installation of residential scale wind turbine systems.

Alternative Energy Generation
• History of fossil fuels
• Environmental concerns & price convergenceEnergy and Power
• Types of energy
• Electrical loadsPassive Solar Systems
• Angular and reflective light
• Passive solar heating, cooling and shading
• Convective and evaporative coolingActive Solar Systems
• Photovoltaic modules and ratings
• Inverters and metering
• Thermal heating and collectionDesign & Installation of Residential
Scale Photovoltaic Systems
• Mounting & orientating PV modules
• Battery systems and wiring
• PV charge controllers
• Grid-tie meteringTroubleshooting PV Systems
• Locating and isolating bad panels
• Locating bad terminals, wiring and connectors

Wind Power Technology
• Global and localized wind patterns
• Windmills and electricity
• Measuring and scaling wind speed
• Wind farms

Wind Turbine Design
• Rotor blades and shaft design
• Pitch, flaps, yaw and furling
• Towers types and design

Design & Installation of Residential Scale Wind Turbine Systems
• Site suitability & system sizing
• Load determination
• Installation and safety
• Grid-tie metering

Troubleshooting Wind Turbine Systems
• Locating bad terminals, wiring and connectors
• DC storage controlBuilding Codes and Compliance
• National Electrical Codes
• Underwriters Laboratories
• National Fire Protection AssociationUnderstanding Blueprints
• Schematic drawings
• Working drawings
• Symbols and scaling