PIGNAT Solid Liquid Extraction – ESS2000


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Study two solid-liquid extraction methods:  extraction in a fixed bed and in suspension

The Solid-liquid extraction is a unit operation which entails extracting a compound (solute) from a solid phase using a liquid (solvent), producing a solution enriched in solute (extract) and a depleted solid phase (residue).

Proposed experiments:

  1. Theoretical study of solid-liquid extraction processes:
    • Percolation.
    • Extraction in suspension.
    • Extraction by immersion.
    • Vapour extraction.
  2. Study factors influencing extraction:
    • Nature of solute and solvent.
    • Temperature and stirring of medium.
  3. Experimental study:
    • Extraction of chlorophyll in aqueous medium.
    • Extraction of lavender by washing out with steam.
    • Percolation of coffee.
    • Extraction of plant extract with an organic solvent.

Technical description:

  1. SS ND 200 jacketed tank, no dead volume draining valve, plexiglass protection panel of the tank.
  2. Glass lid including 7 connections, for ND 50 column inlet, stirring, loading hatch by ND 50 clamp, temperature probe, three available tubes.
  3. Variable speed stirring, Ex engine with mechanical regulator 25 to 125 rpm, shaft and three-paddle helix, SS, diameter of the shaft 14 mm, tightness by mechanical packing.
  4. Traverse, rack and crank for vertical displacement of the tank. Draining by tilting of the tank.
  5. ND 50 glass distillation column, length : 650 mm, Mutiknit stainless steel packing.
  6. Reflux divider with solenoid valve and temperature probe.
  7. Glass shell condenser, SS coil and safety thermostat.
  8. Distillate refrigerant: glass shell and coil.
  9. Glass receiver, graduated, 10 L, draining valves.
  10. Soxhlet type extractor, 3 L, removable basket with polymer bag, temperature probe, draining valve.
  11. Setting crosshead, vent valve, take off valves.
  12. Steam circuitry. Isolating valve, reducing valve, setting valve, manometer, jacketed feeding valve, steam purger, injection isolating valve, setting valve, pressure gauge, relief valve, dip tube.


  • Flowmeter.
  • 3 manometers.
  • 3 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • One safety thermostat.

Dim : 320 x 100 x 240 cm – 350 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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