TecQuipment Statics Work Panel – STF1

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A vertical work panel printed with a metric grid. For use with the STF range of experiments.

For use with TecQuipment’s Statics Fundamentals range, the Work Panel fits on most desk or bench tops.

Students or teachers fit the magnetic parts of their Statics Fundamentals kits to the Work Panel (STF1) to study or demonstrate one of the fundamental topics of static forces.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-assemble work panel that holds TecQuipment’s interchangeable Statics Fundamentals (STF) range experiment kits
  • Large size – ideal for classroom demonstrations
  • Clear metric grid allows repeatable positioning of experiment parts and helps take accurate results
  • Robust panel made of steel to work with the magnetic parts of the kits – students can quickly set up, remove or change experiments


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