ERIDES Study of a Split System Air Conditioner – BCSS10


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The installation frame is built in anodized aluminum profiles on directional castors with brake. An electricity supply is required and a receiving beaker is installed under the equipment to collect the condensate which flows down under gravity. The indoor unit is installed in a 3 m_ transparent cabinet and is connected by copper pipes to the outdoor unit which is directly accessible from the control panel. An infrared remote control sends commands (security, air flowrate, operation mode) to the indoor unit through the transparent wall. This unit starts in a simple operation, by clearly identified control devices and control parameters can be adjusted in the controller that manages the air conditioner.A heat load can be applied from the control panel to increase the energy demand from the air conditioner. Once the machine has reached steady state, measurements can be taken and can be used even after the machine has been turned off. The refrigerant used is R410A which is universally accepted by the new European regulation. Thermometers, pressure gauges and thermo-hygrometers are included in the installation to allow plotting and analysis of measurement points on humidity and enthalpy diagrams.