MATRIX: Sysblocks Experimentation Panel

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The Sysblocks experimentation panel consists of a single Sysblocks board on a plastic panel with power supply and USB lead.

The board is protected with a clear acrylic cover to ensure it is rugged enough to stand up to a classroom environment and the kit is supplied in a Gratnells tray for secure storage.

Students use conventional oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers to examine the results of signal processing in a music and DSP context.


Music with microcontrollers

Learning objectives

  • Analogue to Digital Conversion
  • Digital to Analogue conversion
  • Simple Digital Signal Processing
  • Nyquist
  • Audio effects including echo, reverb, distortion
  • Mixers
  • Sampling and music creation
  • Delays and stadium balancing
  • EQ and filters


The Music Technology pack uses a single Sysblock and Flowcode Embedded to allow students to quickly construct a wide variety of digital music applications and understand the principles of digital music manipulation for musical effects and manipulation. Students will gain an appreciation of D/A conversion and A/D conversion and Digital Signal Processing Techniques that allow music to be sampled, delayed, manipulated and produces in the digital domain. Students make use of signal generators, microphones and speakers/headphones to create and understand a variety of applications in Music Technology. The pack is suitable for students 16+ with an interest in embedded programming and Music.


Systems, Signals, DSP, FFT

Learning objectives

  • Analogue to Digital Conversion
  • Digital to Analogue conversion
  • Nyquist
  • Digital Signal Processing techniques
  • Digital Signal manipulation
  • Convolution and level detection
  • Fourier analysis
  • FFT systems
  • Digital filters


The Systems, signals, DSP and FFT pack introduces students to a number concepts in digital systems including A/D and D/A conversion, Nyquist, Digital Signal Processing, signal manipulation, Fourier analysis of signals and the FFT algorithm, and Digital Filters. Students perform a range of experiments that teach them about the details of signal manipulation using a single Sysblock and pre- written programs created in Flowcode embedded. Students download the programs and carry out a number of experiments that teach them about the parameters and techniques of Signal processing. There is also plenty of chance for creative programming using Flowcode embedded for the advanced students who will find that the Sysblocks and Flowcode combination provide the perfect platform for the rapid creation of signal manipulation systems.


CP1210 – Music with microcontrollers
CP2398 – Systems, Signals, DSP and FFT