TecQuipment 5-Metre Sediment Transport Channel – FC80-5

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An open channel flume that provides students with the ability to study the varying effects for sediment transport, bedform dynamics and fluid flow in an open channel.

The FC80-5 Sediment Transport Channel is 5 meters in length and 80mm in width. The flume has a built-in recirculating water supply connected to a digital flow meter for accurate measurements during experimentation.The flume has a built-in sediment trap and includes sediment (graded sand), a trowel and a rake, for detailed experimentation into sediment transport. Also included with the flume are four different models, so students have the ability of immediate experimentation in open channel flow.

The models included are:

  • Broad-crested weir
  • Sharp-crested weir
  • Venturi flume
  • Sluice gate

The channel is made of toughened glass, precision-built to ensure parallel walls and a consistently accurate cross-section along its length. A sturdy steel U-section firmly supports the channel throughout its length. It has a floor-standing frame that supports the working section at a convenient eye-level position for students. A jack raises and lowers the screw support and the digital inclinometer gives an accurate adjustment of the channel angle.

A pump with a control valve, forces water up to flow settling chamber at the upstream end of the channel. This gives smooth, uniform flow, free from entry effects. The downstream end of the channel has a windowed section for visualisation of flow and a settling chamber upon exit.


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