TecQuipment Cupping Experiment – SM1000H

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An experiment for testing cold formed sheet metals by cupping, for understanding properties in moulding manfacturing processes. It fits in the Universal Testing Machine (SM1000) and consists of a sphere that is pressed into the specimen held between two plates until the specimen ruptures.

The Cupping Experiment (SM1000h) fits in the area above the loading platform of TecQuipment’s Universal Testing Machine (SM1000).

The penetrator is made of hardened steel, the cupping specimen is clamped between the clamping plate and the die plate. An angled mirror is placed below the die plate to enable easy viewing of the specimen rupturing.

The penetrator sphere is first lubricated then using the Universal Testing Machine it is pressed into the cupping specimen causing a cupped shape indentation to form. As more pressure is applied, the cup forms until it ruptures as seen in the angled mirror.

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