TecQuipment CYLINDER MODEL – AF1300A

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A cylinder model that spans the full width of the working section of the Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1300). A holder (included with the wind tunnel) supports the model in the tunnel. Also, the optional Three-Component Balance (AF1300T, available separately) or the Single-Component Lift and Drag Balance (AF1300S, available separately) will support the model.

The model includes a single pressure tapping so, by rotating the model, students can find the pressure distribution around the cylinder. TecQuipment offers several suitable pressure-measuring instruments (available separately). Using a Pitot tube, students can traverse the model wake to find the downstream pressure distribution and find the drag on the model. They can compare this to direct measurements, obtained using a balance.

TecQuipment’s Smoke Generator (AF1300Y, not included) increases the educational value of the experiments by showing the flow of air around the model.



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