TecQuipment Multi-Pump Test Set – H85V

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A versatile, self-contained mobile unit designed to investigate and demonstrate the performance characteristics of a range of different pump types, including positive displacement gear and piston pumps, rotodynamic centrifugal, axial and channel impeller pumps.

TecQuipment’s Multi-Pump Test Set unit consists of a water tank, pipework, suction and delivery throttle valves, AC dynamometer and quick-release couplings to support a wide range of pump types.

VDAS® Onboard provides data acquisition including:
• Suction and delivery pressure
• Flow rate
• Dynamometer torque and speed

Detailed investigation of rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps may be performed with this multi-purpose yet hydraulically self-contained test bench. It
requires a single-phase electrical supply and a source of water. The following pumps can be tested on this unit and are available as optional extras:
• Positive displacement gear pump (H85a)
• Positive displacement piston pump (H85b)
• Rotodynamic centrifugal pump (H85c)
• Rotodynamic axial pump (H85d)
• Positive displacement vane pump (H85e)
• Positive displacement lobe pump (H85f)
• Rotodynamic channel impeller (H85g)

The testing of such a wide range of pumps on a single test unit is made possible by the provision of quick-release hose and drive couplings, together with quick-release
pump fixing clamps, enabling changeover to be made easily and efficiently.

Torque measurement for the dynamometer is by load cell, whilst speed measurement uses a magnetic-type pick-up. Pump suction and delivery heads are monitored by
pressure transducers and the flow rate in the circuit can be determined using the built-in flow meter.

The H85V test set features VDAS® Onboard for data acquisition