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The Structures platform supports any of the optional Structures experiment modules, available separately. Made from precision, slotted aluminium extrusions and steel end plates, this module forms a sturdy, rigid, stable and strong experiment platform. Designed for easy assembly and to fit on any standard desktop, it speeds up and simplifies setting up of experiments.

Adjustable feet ensure the platform is level before use. Easy-to-read scales on each side of the platform help students to position the parts of their experiment precisely, and removes the need for an additional rule.

The compact size and low centre of gravity mean that students can use the equipment easily and at an ergonomic height, either sitting or standing (determined by the bench height).

The platform includes the USB interface plug-and-play hub to simplify connections. The hub converts signals from the sensors on each experiment module to USB data format for computer display and data acquisition. TecQuipment has created user-friendly data acquisition software that works with each of the optional experiment modules.

The display and data acquisition software exports experiment data to the universal comma separated value format (CSV) for use in spreadsheet and many other software applications.

*There are 21 different experiments in the Next Generation Structures range.