TecQuipment VDAS e-lab License

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An annual software license that works with TecQuipment’s VDAS-enabled products that can be used remotely, allowing students to interactively engage and participate in laboratory experiments for an adaptable, blended learning approach.

TecQuipment’s remote, interactive and flexible Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) improves laboratory teaching remotely by allowing students to engage and participate from a distance in real-life, live laboratory experiments. It works with a growing list of over 70 TecQuipment products, enabling real-time display and capture of experimental data.

For individual, group or post-graduate student use, or for laboratory technicians and lecturers demonstrating experiments to a whole class online, VDAS® e-lab gives each participating individual real-time calculation, recording and charting abilities with fast data export on their own computers, while being connected to the single experiment and receiving a live data feed.