PIGNAT Ultrafiltration For Food Processing – UFA3000


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Membrane characterisation:

  • Study with a domestic water network: determine the hydraulic resistance Rm of the membrane
  • Study the ultrafiltration of a macromolecule:
    • study the influence of the sweeping speed
    • study the influence of the macromolecule concentration
    • study gel layer formation
  • Study the ultrafiltration process
    • Open loop and closed loop ultrafiltration process
    • Procedure for cleaning the unit with bactericidal solutions.

Proposed experiments:

  1. Concentrate a coloured aqueous solution
    • In an open loop
    • In a closed loop
  2. Characterise and compare membranes:
    • Plot the retention graph.
    • Determine the cutoff threshold and the conversion ratio.
  3. Study the process:
    • Influence of parameters: transmembrane pressure, flow rate.
    • Phenomena related to ultrafiltration: polarisation, clogging.
  4. Regenerate the membranes.

Technical description:

  1. 60L SS feeding tank, observation of the level by external tube, level sensor, draining valve.
  2. Volumetric screw pump, stainless steel, 200 to 1500 L/hour, draining valve and by-pas valve.
  3. Exchanger and temperature probe.
  4. Organic membrane:
    Exchange surface: 0,02m² / module.
    Two plate modules.
    Two pressure measurements.
    Two isolating valves.
    Unit delivered with two sets of ten membranes.
    – One in PVDF, cut-off = 40 kDa.
    – One in acrylonitril, cut-off = 50 kDa.
  5. Retentate circuitry, two diaphragm valves, two flow meters, sampling valve.
  6. Stainless steel retentate storage tank, 40 L, draining valve.
  7. SS permeate storage tank, 20 L, draining valve.
  8. Water circuitry, general isolating valve, exchanger flow rate setting valve, selection of the tank valve, filter.

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