TecQuipment Water Hammer Apparatus – TE86

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Demonstrates water hammer and cavitation and the propagation of shock waves at sonic velocity in water.

The apparatus is made up of a coil of copper pipe 60 m long. The inlet connects to your water supply and the discharge end has a solenoid valve.

An electronic pressure transducer near to the valve measures the pressure fluctuations in the pipe when the solenoid valve shuts.

A bypass valve discharges to waste at the inlet end of the pipe. A second adjustable valve is at the discharge from the pipe, downstream of the solenoid valve. This regulates the mean pressure in the pipe before the solenoid valve shuts.

A Bourdon pressure gauge fitted between the solenoid valve and the downstream control valve shows the pressure in the system. It also allows students to calibrate the pressure transducer.

Key features:

  • Shows the propagation of shock waves at sonic velocity in water
  • Shows how to calibrate an electronic pressure transducer
  • Includes electric valve to stop fl ow instantly
  • Contains over 60 m of pipe in one compact unit to save space
  • Includes mechanical and electronic pressure measurement
  • Includes connectors for extra (optional) equipment for transient measurements

Learning outcomes:

  • Water hammer
  • Propagation of shock waves in water
  • Velocity of sound in a water filled pipe
  • Transducer calibration