Smart Gate – PASPORT (NS)

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Product Code: 116



The Smart Gate connects directly to nearly any PASPORT interface (Smart Gate is not compatible with GLX or SPARK Science Learning System), and has an auxiliary port to daisy chain to an addition Photogate. Can be used with cart picket fences, the clamp-on super pulley, and flexible Photogate Tape. With dual beams spaced at 1.5 cm  one gate can directly and accurately measure speed. The built-in laser switch (when used with any laser) allows you to time objects too large to fit through the standard Photogate.

Typical Applications

  • Launch velocity for a projectile
  • Photogate timing for dynamics carts
  • Attach smart pulley for rotational measurements
  • Pendulum timing applications
  • Acceleration of gravity with picket fence

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Use with a Photogate to capture time of flght data. Timing starts when object passes through photogate and stops when object impacts this landing pad. For use with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Interfaces.

Photogate Tape (30 m)

30m roll of replacement tape for the Photogate Tape Set (ME-6664). Standard 5 cm band spacing.

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30m roll of high resolution replacement tape for the Photogate Tape Set (ME-6664). 1 cm band spacing.

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