Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity (NS)

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Product Code: 117


The Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor simultaneously measures the absorbance and transmittance of six different wavelengths. Each wavelength represents a region of the ROYGBIV color wheel and can be displayed graphically using PASCO software.

The colorimeter can be used to study concentrations of solutions, the rates of chemical reactions and more. Calibration is simple and quick and the black opaque housing eliminates ambient light to assure data accuracy.

Additionally, this sensor functions as a high quality turbidimeter for water quality analysis. Rather than simply measure transmitted light, the Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor uses the industry standard method of using light scattered by a sample at 90 degrees resulting in more accurate and repeatable measurements.

With the wireless, rugged design, this instrument is ideal for use in the field as well as in the lab.

Typical Applications

  • Study absorbance vs concentration
  • Determine the concentration of an unknown solution (Beer’s Law experiments)
  • Measure reaction rates
  • Compare the turbidity of water samples from various field locations
  • Measure the rate of settling of a sample
  • Measure the formation of a precipitate

Special Features

  • Stabilized light source for consistent readings
  • Able to measure six different wavelengths simultaneously
  • “Smart colors” in PASCO software display the absorbance & transmittance at each wavelength in a very visual way.
  • Quick and easy calibration
  • A colorimeter and turbidimeter together for one low price.


  • Colorimeter/Turbidimeter
  • USB charging cable
  • 6 colorimetry cuvettes (2 clear sides and two ribbed sides)
  • 4 turbidity cuvettes (4 clear sides)
  • 2 cuvette racks
  • Calibration cuvette and 100 NTU solution


Color detection/peak wavelengths
  • 650 nm (red)
  • 600 nm (orange)
  • 570 nm (yellow)
  • 550 nm (green)
  • 500 nm (blue)
  • 450 nm (violet)
Colorimeter Detector Ranges
  • 40 nm FWHM for each wavelength
Colorimeter Absorbance
  • 0 – 3 Abs units
  • Useful range of 0.05 – 1.5 Abs
  • 0 – 100%
Colorimeter Precision
  • ± 0.03 Absorbance units
Turbidity Range
  • 0 – 400 NTU
Turbidity Accuracy
  • ± 5% NTU