Mini Launcher (NS)

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Redesigned! The Mini-Launcher has the same level of precision and accuracy, but it is now easier to assemble, easier to adjust and provides built-in storage for the plunger and the metal balls.

PASCO’s Mini Launcher provides a low-cost way for every student to thoroughly investigate projectile motion. With three highly repeatable launch velocities, precise launch angle measurement, and even the ability to shoot downward, students can easily study the exact motion of a projectile.

This highly accurate launcher can be easily clamped to a table using a standard C clamp.

For even more in-depth studies of projectiles we recommend a Photogate Bracket and either a Smart Gate or Photogate Head. The Time of Flight Accessory can also be added to measure the total time the projectile is in the air.

In addition to the Mini Launcher, we also offer the larger scale Projectile Launcher.



  • Versatile Stand: Provides several different mounting configurations.
  • Scale and Plumb Bob: Measures from -45° to +90°.
  • 3 Launch Ranges: Provides 0.5 m, 1 m and 2 m ranges
  • Magnetic Piston: Holds ball in place for launching at downward angles.
  • Steel Ball: 1.6 cm diameter.
  • Easily mounted using a rod and clamp


  • Mini Launcher Bracket (ME-6836)
  • Projectile balls
  • Loading Rod
  • Safety Glasses
  • 2-D Collision Accessory
  • Manual

Please see Order Guide and User Resources for equipment to secure the mini launcher bracket to the table top.



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