PAScar (Set of 2) (NS)

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Product Summary

Because the PAScar’s body and plunger are made of polycarbonate plastic, these carts have a mass of just 250 grams. Each cart includes both a spring plunger, magnets and Velcro tabs for collision studies. The PAScars come in a set of two, one each of red and blue, and are compatible with all PASCO Dynamics Tracks and accessories.

PASCO Dynamics Carts Share Two Important Features:

  • Low Friction: Ball bearing, knife-edge wheels mean student data more closely matches theory
  • Spring-Loaded Suspension: Wheels retract into the body, so they are protected from drops or “skateboarding.”


  • Three-position Plunger: Provides reproducible impulses and explosions
  • Three Mounting Holes: For accessories
  • Polycarbonate Body: Total mass: 250 g
  • Mass Tray: Add mass to easily double or triple car mass
  • Magnets: Installed on one end for elastic collisions
  • Velcro Tabs: For inelastic collisions

What’s Included

  • 1x Red PAScar
  • 1x Blue PAScar
  • 1x Experiment Manual

Supporting Documents

PAScar Instruction Manual  English  555.07 KB