PASPORT Force Sensor (NS)

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The study of force is critical to many science explorations. An accurate and rugged sensor will ensure your students get the most out of their force experiments. An overload stop in the force beam and a polycarbonate plastic case protect our unit from student abuse.

  • Easy to zero – just press the button and the zero setting is stored digitally. No confusing manipulations of data are necessary.
  • Measures forces in the direction of the sensor – side forces are minimized.

Need greater resolution? The PASPORT High-Resolution Force Sensor is also available.

Typical Applications

  • Measure force exerted by an oscillating mass
  • Measure force during elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Measure force of a swinging pendulum


  • Sensor
  • Bumper Attachment
  • Hook Attachment
  • Cart/Bracket Thumbscrew
  • Rod Clamp Thumbscrew


Range (Force)
  • ±50 N
  • 0.03 N
Max Sample Rate
  • 1000 Hz (5000 Hz with Xplorer GLX, 550 or 850 Universal Interface)
Force Overload Protection
  • Up to 75 N without damage
Beam Deflection
  • 0.28 mm
Mounting Options
  • Mounts on PASCO carts
  • Mounts on standard 12.7 mm diameter rods
  • To PASPORT interfaces


Perform the following experiments and more with the PASPORT Force Sensor.
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Heavy and Heavier

In this lab, students use a force sensor to measure weight. This lab should help students recognize that an object’s weight is not necessarily related to its size.

Conservation of Matter

In this lab, students use a force sensor to demonstrate that the weight of a whole object is equal to the sum of its parts’ weights.

Supporting Documents

PASPORT Force Sensor Manual English 167.18 KB