Advanced Biology through Inquiry Teacher Lab Manual (Digital)

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In an advanced or AP Biology course, class time is a precious commodity. That’s why our Advanced Biology Through Inquiry lab manual provides tips for accurate data collection and analysis, editable labs for seamless integration into your individual curriculum, and consistent assessment to ensure that students are engaged and critically thinking throughout the activity.

This manual includes challenging, standards-based lab activities with inquiry extensions. They can be edited to suit the needs of your students or to better coordinate with your classroom lectures. All labs are also accompanied by a complete teacher’s guide with intensive background information and “teacher tips”, as well as multiple-choice questions to help students gain confidence for the AP exam.

Downloadable how-to videos are included with the manual, and can be found on our website, as well as YouTube. These videos can assist you with setting up the labs and getting the most from your PASCO sensors and equipment.


The following student labs are available for FREE in the PASCO Experiment Library. These labs are specifically designed to support student inquiry and the College Board AP Biology curriculum framework.

Lab Title IB Standards AP Standards
1 Enzyme Activity
-Version A: Pressure sensor; enzyme = catalase
-Version B: Oxygen sensor; enzyme = catalase
-Version C: Spectrometer; enzyme = peroxidase
2.5 1-2.B; 2-1.F;
2-1.G; 4-3.A
2 Diffusion 1.4; 10.3 2-1.C; 2-2.C;
2-2.F; 2-2.I
3 Osmosis 1.4 2-1.C; 2-2.C;
2-2.F; 2-2.H;
2-2.I; 2-3.A;
2-3.B; 2-3.D;
3-3.A; 3-3.B
4 Plasmolysis 1.4 2-2.D; 2-2.F;
2-2.H; 2-2.I
5 Cell Size 1.1 1-2.B; 2-1.A;
2-1.B; 2-2.I
6 Homeostasis N/A 2-1.M; 2-3.A;
2-3.B; 2-3.D;
3-3.A; 4-3.D
7 Cellular Respiration 2.8 1-2.B; 2-1.H;
2-1.K; 2-2.K;
4-1.E; 4-1.F
8 Photosynthesis 2.9 2-1.A; 2-1.I;
2-1.J; 2-1.O;
9 Plant Pigments 2.9 2-1.A; 2-1.I;
2-1.J; 2-2.A;
2-2.K; 2-4.C;
4-1.F; 4-3.A
10 Transpiration 9.1 2-1.A; 2-2.H;
2-2.I; 2-3.A;
2-3.D; 4-3.D
11 Mitosis 1.6 3-1.B; 3-1.C;
3-1.D; 3-1.K
12 Meiosis 3.3; 10.1 3-1.F; 3-1.G;
3-1.H; 3-1.I;
3-1.K; 3-4.A;
13 Energy Dynamics 4.2 2-1.A; 2-1.H;
2-1.I; 2-4.B;
14 Artificial Selection N/A 1-1.C; 1-1.D;
1-1.E; 1-1.F;
15 BLAST Bioinformatics 3.1; B.5 1-1.H; 1-1.M;
1-1.N; 1-2.B;
16 Population Genetics 10.3 1-1.C; 1-1.H;
1-1.I; 1-1.K;
17 Mathematical Modeling of Evolution 10.3 1-1.C; 1-1.E;
1-1.H; 1-1.K;
1-1.L; 1-3.A
18 Animal Behavior A.4 2-3.D; 2-4.B;
3-5.A; 4-1.G


  • Advanced labs for students in AP Programs.
  • Opportunities to assess student comprehension before, during and after the activity.

What’s Included

  • Digital download containing an electronic version of the Teacher Guide
  • Editable Word files of student versions