Comprehensive Physics System Lab Manual

Product Code: CA-6787


PASCO’s Comprehensive Physics Systems Lab Manual includes 80 experiments in mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, optics, electricity and magnetism.

The CD that comes with the manual contains the following:

  • Adobe® PDF files for each activity (including Teacher Notes)
  • Microsoft Word® files for each activity (including Teacher Notes)
  • DataStudio® configuration files and sample data files for each activity that uses DataStudio

Teachers are encouraged to edit the files as needed for their classes.

The CD has installer files that put the DataStudio configuration files in the “eLabs” directory for the DataStudio program. Copy the other files from the CD to your computer’s hard drive and then use the CD as a backup in case any of the files need to be re-installed


  • You can copy the pages from the manual “as they are,” or edit the included Word files and then print your own version of the activity. Add or delete, change format, trim the activity, or include extensions — the choices are yours.

About Interfaces and Sensors

The activities in the manual are written for the ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface and ScienceWorkshop (“CI-“) sensors that are included in the Comprehensive Physics Systems.

However, for almost all of the activities, a PASPORT Interface can be substituted for the ScienceWorkshop Interface, and a PASPORT sensor can be used instead of the ScienceWorkshop sensor. In addition, PASCO now offers an Analog Adapter that allows you to connect analog ScienceWorkshop sensors (such as the Economy Force Sensor) to a PASPORT Interface. The Digital Adapter allows you to connect a digital ScienceWorkshop sensor (such as the Motion Sensor) to a PASPORT Interface. (NOTE: PASPORT sensors cannot be connected to ScienceWorkshop interfaces.)

Because editable files are included for each activity, you can change the activity so it matches the family of interfaces and sensors you want to use.

Physics Topics Covered

  • Circular Motion
  • Friction
  • Projectile Motion
  • Energy and Work
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Specific Heat
  • Mechanical Waves
  • Sound