Coding with Vehicle Sensor Technologies Kit

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Product Code: ST-7820


Explore the science and sensors behind today’s modern vehicles, while teaching students about physical science as they design, test, measure and code with sensors that mimic real-world vehicle technology.

Block-Based Coding

Blockly simplifies the programming process for new coders. Visual coding blocks connect like puzzle pieces to help students master the basics of programming, without having to worry about their syntax.


Wireless and easy-to-use, the //code.Node includes six sensor inputs, a speaker, RGB light, and an LED array that enables students to explore exciting phenomena using block-based programs that collect, display, and respond to data.

//code.Node Cart

The //code.Node Cart transforms the //code.Node into a programmable vehicle sensing device, enabling students to replicate, program, and investigate automotive technology like real-life engineers. Includes additional accessories to support the included investigations.

Blockly Coding Sample

Student Activities and Video Lessons

The Coding with Vehicle Sensor Technologies Kit includes five investigations with video lessons, printed student worksheets, and an interactive digital flipbook that presents the resources in an engaging, student-friendly format. Each lesson is based upon the latest science standards and incorporates cross-curricular connections to reinforce key concepts in computer science, mathematics and language arts.

Activities and Video Lessons include:

  • Crash Test: Impact Alert System
  • Investigating Odometers
  • Engineering Turn Signals
  • 3-2-1 Launch!
  • The Need for Speed: Radar Detectors

Help students develop competency in:

  • Science
  • Computational thinking
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Technology
  • Problem-solving, logic, and critical thinking
Coding to Learn Cover

Build Career Awareness

Build career awareness with activities that make real-world connections to:

  • Automotive engineering
  • Real-life vehicle sensors
  • Crash test engineering
  • Modern vehicle safety features

What’s Included

  • 1x //code.Node (PS-3231)
  • 1x //code.Node Cart (PS-3235)
  • 1x Color-Printed Booklet of Student Activities
  • 2x Light Spring Bumper
  • 6x 50 g Mass
  • 1x Soft Measuring Tape, 1.5m
  • 1x Spool of Thread
  • 2x Block Person Figurine