College Biology Sensor Bundle

Product Code: PS-2926D


The College Biology Sensor Bundle includes all the sensors and equipment pieces required for a college or University level biology lab.

What’s Included

  • 1x EcoChamber (ME-6667)
  • 1x Metabolism Chamber (ME-6936)
  • 1x Aquatic Productivity Bottles (ME-6937)
  • 1x PASPORT Oxygen Gas Sensor (PS-2126A)
  • 1x PASPORT Ethanol Sensor (PS-2194)
  • 1x Photosynthesis Tank (PS-2521B)
  • 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor (PS-3201)
  • 1x Wireless Pressure Sensor (PS-3203)
  • 1x Wireless CO₂ Sensor (PS-3208)
  • 1x Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor (PS-3215)
  • 1x Wireless Blood Pressure Sensor with Standard Cuff (PS-3218)
  • 1x Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (PS-3224)