Oscillations Waves and Sound Module

Product Code: EP-3578


This versatile kit includes metal Snaky and Slinky springs for transverse and longitudinal waves. The resonance lever allows students to create resonance in both the mass-and-spring and pendulum. A resonance tube and tuning forks demonstrate the wavelength of sound.
(Requires a Tripod Stand and Weights for some activities)


  • Steel transverse wave “snaky” spring (1.8 m)
  • Extra-large steel longitudinal wave “slinky” spring
  • 25 cm extension spring
  • Pendulum/spring hanger
  • Resonance lever
  • 1″ diameter aluminum pendulum ball
  • Resonance tube
  • Tuning fork 256 Hz
  • Tuning fork 284 Hz
  • Tuning fork 320 Hz
  • Tuning fork 512 Hz

Support Documents

EP-3572 Tripod Stand Manual