Essential Physics 3rd Edition Comprehensive Equipment Kit

Product Code: EP-6490A


This kit is designed to support all of the sensor-based, hands-on lab investigations within the Essential Physics 3rd Edition Curriculum, as well as the Comprehensive Physics Investigations lab manual. This kit includes enough equipment for a full year of investigations in a standard, algebra-based physics course.

What’s Included

Supporting Documents

Mini Launcher Manual English 808.17 KB
Mini Launcher Manual English 2.19 MB
Modular Circuits for Essential Physics Instructions English 732.17 KB
Replacement Plumb Bobs Manual English 165.81 KB
Simple Machines Engineering Kit Manual English 781.27 KB

Buying Guide

Replacement Parts P/N
Weight Set EP-3563
Tripod Stand EP-3572
Smart Cart (Blue) ME-1241
Replacement Bulbs for Modular Circuits EM-3541
Small Steel Balls (10 pack) ME-9872