Energy Transfer – Calorimeter

Product Code: ET-8499


The Energy Transfer – Calorimeter includes two nested aluminum cups with an air space in between for insulation. While most calorimeters use a coil to heat the water, PASCO’s design features a 10 Ω heating resistor mounted to a circuit board. Using temperature, voltage, and current sensors, students can investigate the relationship between the input energy and heat transfer into the water.

What’s Included

  • 1x Outer Aluminum Cup (8.9 cm tall, 4.7 cm dia)
  • 1x Inner Aluminum Cup (7.5 cm tall, 3.8 cm dia)
  • 1x Plastic Lid
  • 1x Two-Hole Rubber Stopper
  • 1x Heating Resistor with Input Cables

Buying Guide

Required Accessories
For use with PASPORT:

1x PASPORT Voltage-Current Sensor

For use with PASPORT:

1x PASPORT Temperature Sensor

For use with ScienceWorkshop:

1x Current Sensor

For use with ScienceWorkshop:

1x Temperature Sensor


Supporting Documents

Energy Transfer Calorimeter Manual English 223.87 KB
Manual Downloads
Energy Transfer Calorimeter Manual (ET-8499)
(481 KB – .pdf – English)