Driven Damped Cart Oscillations Experiment

Product Code: EX-5551


The oscillator consists of a Smart Cart attached to two springs. The damping is provided by magnets mounted on the Smart Cart that cause eddy currents in the aluminum track. The amplitude of the oscillation is plotted vs. the driving frequency for different amounts of magnetic damping. Increased damping is provided by moving adjustable magnets closer to the aluminum track.


CartOscill Experiment

What’s Included



  • Resonance curves
  • Magnetic drag

Software Required

This product requires PASCO software for data collection and analysis. We recommend the following option(s).

Interface Required

This product requires a PASCO Interface to connect to your computer or device. We recommend the following option(s).

Buying Guide

Required Accessories P/N
1x Ohaus Triple-Beam Balance (with Tare) SE-8707
1x 850 Universal Interface UI-5000

Support Documents

Adjustable End Stop Manual

Dynamics Cart Magnetic Damping Manual

Dynamics Track Feet Pair Manual

Mechanical Oscillator/Driver Manual

Photogate Head Manual

Wireless Smart Cart Manual