Matrix: Hybrid Automotive Principles on Engineering Panel (DIN)

Product Code: LK6483A


The Hybrid demonstrator (LK6483) includes a Hybrid engine, several meters showing power flow between the units, a brake switch, a potentiometer mimicking the accelerator pedal, a battery and an Electronic Control Unit. The ECU controls the system to show students how the power is routed in a hybrid depending on the State of Charge of the Battery. This allows individuals to make measurements and analyze observations of the engine’s performance under different load conditions. The system can also be used to show the effects of regenerative braking.

  • Robust automotive hybrid demonstration panel
  • Understand battery charge, regenerative braking and hybrid technologies
  • First hybrid training unit of its kind
  • ANSI version available – order code LK6483A


Learning Objectives:

  • Discovering hybrid modes of operation
  • Regenerative braking
  • Assisted acceleration
  • SOC and battery voltage
  • SOC and decision making