Bicycle Gyroscope

Product Code: ME-6837


The newly redesigned Bicycle Gyroscope is perfect for getting your students engaged in understanding rotational motion. Unlike other bicycle gyroscopes, the PASCO model is extremely rugged for years of use, but also lightweight at just 6 lbs. Cushioned hand-grips, a pull-cord with handle, and an included suspension cord (to demonstrate precession) make it simple and easy to use.


  • Suspend the gyroscope by the end of one axle to show that a non-spinning gyroscope falls over while a spinning one does not.
  • Demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum using a rotating chair.
  • Determine the rotational inertia of the gyroscope using a falling mass and a photogate.
  • Use the gyroscope as a large scale top

What’s Included

  • 1x Bicycle Gyroscope
  • 2x Cords with Handles

Support Documents

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Manual

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Product Manuals for the Bicycle Gyroscope (ME-6837)