Truss Set

Product Code: ME-6990


Use the Truss Set to build a variety of structures to investigate the principles of trusses. The ABS plastic I-Beams fasten securely together using the provided connectors and thumb screws. Load cells can be inserted anywhere into the design by replacing one beam at a time. Students can load the truss by hanging weights.

Typical Applications

Example structures using just the Truss Set:

  • Through Truss with Verticals
  • Deck Truss Bridge
  • King Post Roof Truss

Easy as 1-2-3 to construct!

  • Fit the I-beams into the connectors
  • Secure the beams with thumb screws
  • Thumb screws are also slotted for use with a screwdriver

How It Works

Explore basic trusses and bridges:

PASCO’s Truss Set includes all of the materials needed to demonstrate the properties of I-beams and teach the basics of trusses, including 60 I-beams of various sizes.

Add measurements to your system: 

The Load Cell & Amplifier Set provides you the means to accurately measure tension and compression in real-time—anywhere in your structure! You build the Load Cell right into your structure where you want it—and easily relocate it without disassembling the entire structure.

Collect data on your choice of interfaces:

Load cells connect to a load cell amplifier which can then be connected to any current PASCO interface.

What’s Included

  • 8x I-Beam #5 24 cm long
  • 18x I-Beam #4 17 cm long
  • 18x I-Beam #3 11.5 cm long
  • 8x I-Beam #2 8 cm long
  • 8x I-Beam #1 5.5 cm long
  • 14x Connectors
  • 75x Screws
  • 1x Instruction Manual


Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Truss Set Manual English 373.02 KB
Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the Truss Set (ME-6990)

Truss Set Manual (ME-6990)
(364 KB – .pdf – English)
Replacement Parts

Truss Set Members

Spare I-Beams and Connectors for Structures Systems.

Truss Set Screws

Replacement steel screws for the Structures Systems.

Road Bed Spares

Replacement supplies for the road beds for the Structures Systems.

Cord Lock Spares

Replacement cord tensioning clips and spool for the Structures System.

Full Round and xyz Connector Spares

Replacement round and flat connectors for the Structures Systems.

Axle Spares

Replacement axles, collets, pulleys and O-rings for the Structures System.

Angle Connector Spares

Replacement connectors for the Structures System.

Connector Spares

Replacement connectors for the Structures System.