Comprehensive Materials Testing System (MTS)

Product Code: ME-8244


The Comprehensive Materials Testing System includes everything needed to investigate compression and tensile testing, column buckling, three and four-point bending, shear testing, and stress lines with photoelasticity. In addition to everything the Materials Testing Machine provides, the Comprehensive System includes a sturdy, plastic base with convenient storage for all components and accessories.

The Materials Testing Machine measures force with a 7100 N load cell and displacement with an optical encoder. It includes a PASCO Airlink for connecting to a computer through a USB port or Bluetooth, as well as tensile sample sets for testing tension, compression, bending, and photoelasticity.


  • Utilizes PASCO Capstone software
  • Tabletop design saves lab space
  • Easy to set up and calibrate
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Tensile samples produce fracture surfaces students can study
  • Inexpensive replacement coupons and samples
  • Sync real-time video to data and replay in slow motion
  • Manual hand crank to help students feel material strengths
  • Utilizes PASCO Capstone software
  • Two through-holes to secure base to table with bolts


Perform These Experiments

  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Ultimate Tensile Stress
  • Determine Ductility of Sample
  • Determine True Stress/ True Strain Diagram (with use of video analysis)
  • Compression Test Polymer Samples
  • Perform 3 and 4 Point Bending Tests for a Variety of Materials
  • Shear of Structural Alloy Material Rods


  • Strain Crystallization of Polymers
  • Stress Lines within Photoelastic Beams
  • Column Buckling

How It Works

The Materials Testing Machine has a built-in load cell (strain gauge transducer) capable of measuring up to 7100 newtons (N) of force (1600 pounds), and an optical encoder module that measures displacement of the load bar. A crank-and-gear system raises or lowers the load bar on two leadscrews (also known as power screws or translation screws). Force data from the load cell and displacement data from the encoder module can be recorded, displayed, and analyzed by a PASCO Interface with PASCO Data Acquisition Software.

The sensor cable from the Materials Testing Assembly connects to a PASPORT input port and the Comprehensive Materials Testing System includes an AirLink to connect to a USB port on a computer.

The Materials Testing Machine includes a calibration rod and nut, a load bar round nut, and a pair of safety shields with Velcro® hook material.

Lab Activities & Experiments

All Materials Testing Labs
Lab 01: Introduction to Materials Tester
Lab 02: Compliance Calibration Tutorial
Lab 03: Tensile Testing of Brass
Lab 04: Young’s Modulus
Lab 05: Tensile Testing of Annealed Steel
Lab 06: Tensile Testing of Metals
Lab 07: Tensile Testing of Plastic
Lab 09: Three-Point Bending
Lab 10: Bend Testing of Round Rod
Lab 11: Bend Testing of I-Beams
Lab 12: Tensile Testing of I-Beams
Lab 13: Column Buckling and Slenderness Ratio
Lab 14: Euler Column Equation
Lab 15: Column Buckling Tensile Samples
Lab 16: Compression Testing of Cast Beams
Lab 17: Bend Testing of Cast Beams
Lab 18: Shear Testing of Round Rod
Lab 19: Strength of Materials
Lab 20: Photoelasticity
Lab 21: Four-Point Bending
Lab 22: Compression Testing

What’s Included

Product Specifications

Load Cell Capacity 7100 N (1600 lbs)
Lead Screw Length 38 cm
Sturdy Base Cast Aluminum Base with Polyethylene Mounting Board
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 52 cm
Machine Weight 20 lbs (9 kg)
Safety Shields Polycarbonate 14 x 30 cm
Force Resolution 1 N
Position Resolution 0.001 mm

Supporting Documents

Materials Testing Machine Manual
Cast Beam Spares Set Manual
Materials 10-32 Adapter Manual
Materials Bending Accessory Manual
Materials Clevis Clip Manual
Materials Compression Accessory Manual
Materials Coupon Adapter Manual
Materials Four-Point Load Anvil Manual
Materials Photoelasticity Accessory Manual
Materials Shear Accessory Manual
Materials Storage Base Manual
Materials Structures Beam Adapter Manual
Materials Testing Machine Manual
PASCO AirLink Reference Guide
PASCO Capstone 1.13 Users Guide
Plastic Test Coupons Instruction Sheet
Stress-Strain Metal Test Coupons Manual