Super-Flexible I-Beam

Product Code: ME-8987


This Super-Flex I-Beam is made of plastic, so it can be visibly bent by hand. It shows the basic reasons for using this cross-section in construction. It is four times as stiff in the upright orientation as it is sideways.

Lightweight and flexible, the Super-Flex I-Beam still demonstrates the characteristic properties of an I-Beam, namely that it shows how weight can be reduced while still maintaining structural strength.

The shape of the Super-Flex I-Beam means that its vertical stiffness is significantly greater than its horizontal stiffness which is readily apparent when comparing the effort needed to bend it in each orientation.

Easily show how an I-Beam can buckle under significant strain or twist it to demonstrate its lack of strength under torsion.

In addition, the grids on the top and side aide in showing the amount of deflection in a qualitative way.

What’s Included

  • 1x Super-Flex I-Beam (24 inches long, 2 inches high)
  • 1x Instructions

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