Statics Components

Product Code: ME-9505


Mounted Scale Assembly

The mounted scale has four strong magnets in its base. The tube is marked in newtons (N), ounces (oz.) and millimeters (mm). The thumbnut allows the top hook to be raised or lowered in order to align the red indicator disk with the zero mark on the tube.

To zero the scale, mount the scale on the statics board. Leave the bottom hook empty. Unscrew the thumbnut a few turns. Rotate the top hook clockwise (left-to-right) to lower the indicator disk and counter-clockwise (right-to-left) to raise the indicator disk. When the disk is aligned with the zero mark on the tube label, tighten the thumbnut to hold the top hook in place.

To move the scale on the statics boards, hold the scale by the tabs on the base and push or pull the scale to the desired location. To remove the scale from the statics board, lift one or both of the tabs on either side of the case away from the board.

Large and Small Pulleys and Double Pulley Block

The Statics System comes with two Small Pulleys and one Large Pulley mounted on magnetic bases. It also includes a Double Pulley Block (that does not have a magnetic base). The Double Pulley Block is designed for black-and-tackle experiments. A support thread can be tied to either end of the Double Pulley Block.

All the pulleys have low friction ball bearings. The smaller pulleys are 2.41 cm (0.850″) outside diameter (OD) and 1.65 cm (0.650″) inside diameter (ID). The large pulleys are 2.79 cm (1.10″) OD and 2.28 cm (0.90″) ID.

Mass Cart and Friction Block

The Mass Cart and Friction Block are diesigned to be used with the Inclined Plane Assembly. The Mass Cart has low friction ball bearings in each wheel and a metal rod in the center for stacking extra masses. A thread can be attached at either end.

The Friction Block is made of beech wood. It has an “eye” hook at one end  is covered with felt on the bottom and on one side. It’s dimensions are 2.54 cm by 5.08 cm by 6.35 cm (1.0″ by 2.0″ by 2.5″)/

Inclined Plane Assembly

The Inclined Plane Assembly has four strong magnets on its back side that hold it in position on the Statics Board.

The inclined plane has end stops at each end of the plane and a degree scale with a brass plumb bob for determining the angle of the incline.

Balance Arm Assembly

The Balance Arm Assembly consists of a Beam, a Pivot, and three Protractors that can be mounted on the beam. Each protractor has a transparent Angle indicator. The pivot has a bubble level for leveling the beam.

Utility Mount Assembly

The Utility Mount Assembly has several functions. It can support a load cell, it has a rod from which you can hang the Asymmetrical Plate (also included), and the included Cord Tensioning Clip allows you to connect a thread tot he mount.