Mini Laser with Bracket

Product Code: OS-8514


This 0.5 mW Helium Neon Laser is ideal for use with the PASCO Advanced Optics System. It includes a mounting bracket that attaches to the PASCO magnetic optics bench and permits adjustment of the laser beam in the x and y axes.

The aperture has a 15.8 mm (5/8”) receptacle for mounting beam spreaders or spatial filters. An AC adapter is included, but the unit can be powered with any power source providing 0.7 A at 12 VDC.

NOTE: This mini laser was previously sold (without the bracket) as the SE-9367.


LASER RADIATION: Do not stare into beam or view directly with optical instruments.
Class II Laser Product (CDRH).
Class 2M Laser Product.
Wavelength 633nm.
Maximum Power < 1mW.

Product Specifications

Output 0.5 mW min
Wavelength 632.8 nm
Polarization Random
Power 115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • 0.5 mW min. – 632.8 nm
  • random
  • 115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Support Documents

Mini Laser Adapter Kit Manual English 64.53 KB
Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the Mini Laser with Bracket (OS-8514)

OS-8514 instruction sheet
(48 KB – .pdf – English)