Product Code: PS-2102


Resolution is a very important feature of pH meters, but high resolution is useless if the noise is high. Our pH Sensor’s digital technology gives you 0.01 pH resolution with low noise to produce more accurate and stable data. Useful for large pH changes as well as subtle changes.

Typical Applications

  • Titrate an acid into a base
  • Investigate the chemistry of buffers
  • Monitor water quality


Range 0 to 14 (probe-dependent)
Accuracy ±0.1 (after calibration)
Resolution 0.01
Electrode gel-filled Ag-AgCl combination electrode
Maximum Sample Rate 50 Hz
Temperature Range 5°C to 60°C

Supporting Documents

PASPORT pH Sensor Manual

Fill Soln 4m Kclsat Ag 699 195 Safety Data Sheet

How do I make more pH electrode storage solution?

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