Absolute Pressure Sensor – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2107


Make accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure, regardless of ambient conditions and explore how chemical reactions affect gas pressure.

Our Absolute Pressure Sensor measures pressure relative to an internal reference vacuum, allowing students to make consistent pressure measurements above and below the ambient conditions.

Together with a temperature sensor a wide variety of concepts can be explored.

Typical Applications

  • Measure chemical reaction rates
  • Model a human lung
  • Study Vapor Pressure vs Temperature
  • Explore the Ideal Gas Law
  • Explore Charle’s Law
  • Explore Boyle’s Law


Perform the following experiments and more with the PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor.
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  • Sensor
  • Quick-release Connectors (4)
  • Tubing Connectors (4)

Supporting Documents

  • 0 – 700 kPa
  • ±2 kPa
  • 0.1 kPa
Operating Temperature
  • 0° C to 40° C
Maximum Sample Rate
  • 200 Hz
Relative humidity range
  • 5% to 95% non-condensing
    (condensation on the unit will
    negatively affect performance)

  • 0 – 700 kPa with ±2 kPa accuracy and 0.1 kPa resolution
  • 1 kPa
Measurement units
  • Displays in N/m2 and PSI
Manual Downloads

Product Manuals for the PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor (PS-2107)

PASPORT pH Sensor Manual (PS-2107)_rus
(452 KB – .pdf – Russian)
PASPORT pH Sensor Manual (PS-2107)_rus.doc
(891 KB – .doc – Russian)

PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable

Allows an additional two-meter length extension on all PASPORT sensors.