Rotary Motion Sensor – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2120A


The PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor is used to measure position and motion within physics labs. It measures position, velocity, and acceleration, both angular and linear, with incredible resolution and accuracy. The maximum spin rate of 30 rev/sec and bi-directional orientation enables the PASPORT Rotatory Motion Sensor to facilitate the performance of most motion experiments

How it Works: The 6.35 mm diameter, dual ball-bearing shaft extends from both sides of the unit, providing an excellent platform for rotational experiments. The rod clamp, which can be attached to three sides of the sensor, allows the unit to be mounted in almost any orientation. A three-step pulley and mount for the PASCO Super Pulley make torque experiments easier than ever before.


  • Three-step pulley (10, 29, and 48 mm in diameter)
  • Rod clamp for dynamic mounting orientations
  • Measures magnitude and motion direction.
  • Ball bearings minimize friction and provide mechanical support to rotating objects


Perform the following experiments and more with the PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor.
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  • Verify the conservation of angular momentum
  • Calculate the rotational inertia of a disk ring and point mass
  • Measure the displacement velocity and acceleration of a cart on a track
  • Conduct quantitative analysis of simple harmonic motion
  • Measure the acceleration of a cart caused by a mass hung over a pulley
  • Accurately measure the angular acceleration of systems with constant torque


Three-step Pulley 10 mm, 29 mm, and 48 mm diameters
Sensor Dimensions 10 cm x 5 cm x 3.75 cm, 6.35 mm diameter shaft
Rotary Motion Resolution 0.09° (0.00157 rad)
Linear Motion Resolution 0.0078 mm
Maximum Rotation Rate 30 revs/sec
Rotary Motion Optical Encoder Bidirectional to indicate the direction of motion; 4000 divisions/rev

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