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Product Code: PS-2128


Our Visual Accelerometer is a major advance in teaching the concept of acceleration. It shows the acceleration of a dynamics cart, a free-falling body, an auto … anything you attach it to. Ten high-intensity wide-angle LEDs indicate the magnitude and direction of acceleration for more effective learning. Our Visual Accelerometer is also a PASPORT sensor. Connect it to any PASPORT interface and graph acceleration real-time or datalog it for later download.

  • Three ranges cover activities from elevator acceleration to freefall to a sharp turn in a car.
  • Autoscale and peak-hold for maximum sensitivity and accelerations too quick for the eye to see.
  • The zero (tare) button negates the effect of sensor orientation.

Typical Applications

  • Measure acceleration during simple harmonic motion
  • Measure acceleration due to gravity
  • Discover the acceleration of an elevator
  • Measure acceleration of a pendulum


  • The auto scale sets the full-scale range to the last measurement.
  • Peak hold stores highest reading.
  • Case has ties for pendulum motion and a pass-through so the sensor can be thrown vertically along a rope.


  • Plastic M5 screws for attachment to a dynamics cart (2)
  • PASPORT Sensor Extension Cable
  • 3 AA batteries

Product Specifications

Three Manual Scales 1 m/s2, 5 m/s2, 20 m/s2 full scale
Requires three AA batteries for stand-alone operation (included)
Auto-off after three hours
Ranges ±1.0 m/s2, ±5.0 m/s2, ±20 m/s2
Accuracy 0.2 m/s2
Resolution 0.01 m/s2
Max Sample Rate 100 Hz

Support Documents

PASPORT Visual Accelerometer Manual English 882.54 KB


Measurement range of sensor
  • ±1 m/s
    2 (0.1g) to ± 20 m/s
    2 (2g)
  • 0.2 m/s
    2 accuracy
  • 0.01 m/s
    2 resolution
Selectable ranges
  • ±1 m/s
    2 (0.1g)
  • ±5 m/s
    2 (0.5g)
  • ±20 m/s
    2 (2g)
Manual Downloads
PASPORT Visual Accelerometer Manual PS-2128
(876 KB – .pdf – English)