Charge Sensor- PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2132


The Charge Sensor is designed for experiments in electrostatics such as inductive charging, charge production/distribution, and charge on a capacitor. The sensor features automatic scaling, eliminating the need for a gain switch. Designed with highly efficient input over-voltage protection, the Charge Sensor is virtually “blow-out” proof and will provide many years of use in the student lab.

When used with the Faraday Ice Pail, the Charge Sensor can measure the total charge on an object by the induction method.

The Charge Sensor can also be used as a high impedance voltmeter (1012 Ω). It includes a 0.9 m shielded cable with alligator clips to eliminate stray fields.


  • Includes a 0.9m shielded cable with alligator clips: eliminate stray fields for quick experiment setup.
  • No guessing if a charge is positive or negative – the polarity is shown.
  • Measures both charge and voltage.

Experiment Library

  • Charge and Electric Field – In this lab, students will use charge sensors to charge different objects by contact and to explore the electric field produced by various charged objects.
  • Electrostatic Charges – In this lab, students will compare and contrast the results of three different methods of charging.



  • Measure charge by induction
  • Quantify the charge on a capacitor plate
  • Discover the charge distribution on a conducting sphere

What’s Included

  • 1x 0.9m shield cable with alligator clips

Product Specifications

  • Charge Range ±0.1 μC
  • Voltage Range ±10 V
  • Input Resistance 1012 Ω
  • Maximum Input Voltage 150 V
  • Maximum Sample Rate 100 Hz
  • Input Connector BNC
  • Input Cable 0.9 m length; shielded with alligator termination

Support Documents

PASPORT Charge Sensor Manual