Force Platform (2-Axis) – PASPORT

Product Code: PS-2142


The 2-axis Force Platform has a second plate that rides on rollers on the base force platform to measure the force parallel to the platform. There are a total of five force beams: four corner beams to measure the normal force and a fifth beam to measure the parallel (sideways) force.

SPARKvue and Capstone can read the loads from the individual load cells. Using calculations within either SPARKvue or Capstone, it is possible to calculate the center of force for a single platform.  Interested in the rate of force development?  Apply the derivative calculation within SPARKvue or Capstone to find this useful exercise physiology parameter.


  • Measure the sideways force during a broad jump
  • Measure the normal and parallel forces on a wall as a ladder leans against the wall
  • Measure the normal and parallel forces as a person walks or runs across the platform
  • Pull an object across the platform and measure the normal and frictional forces


Product Specifications

Range: -1100 N to +4400 N (in normal direction) -1100 N to +1100 N (in parallel direction)
Platform Size: 35 cm x 35 cm
Platform Mass: 6.4 kg (without handles)
Zero (tare) Function: Push-button Force Overload Protection
Max Sample Rate: 1000 Hz (2000 Hz with the 850 Interface)
Resolution: 0.1 N

Recommended Accessories

Handle Set, Force Platform PS-2548
Force Platform Structure Bracket ME-6988A

Also Available

PASPORT Force Platform PS-2141

Support Documents

  • -1100 N to +4400 N (in the normal direction)
  • -1100 N to +1100 N (in parallel direction)
Platform Size
  • 37 cm x 37 cm
Platform Mass
  • 6.4kg (without handles)
Zero (tare) Function
  • Push Button
Max Sample Rate
  • 1000 Hz (2000 Hz with the Xplorer GLX)
  • 0.1 N
Force Overload Protection