Water Quality Starter Kit (Includes ezSample vials)


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For chemical testing, add the ezSample Water Quality Starter Kit. This kit contains the Water Quality Colorimeter, and three popular water quality test kits — Nitrate, Ammonia, and Phosphate.

There are 30 test vials each for Nitrate, Ammonia, and Phosphate which provides 90 total tests with this kit.

What’s Included

  • 1x ezSample Snap Vial – Ammonia (EZ-2334A)
  • 1x ezSample Snap Vial – Nitrate (EZ-2333B)
  • 1x ezSample Snap Vial – Phosphate (EZ-2337)

Supporting Documents

ezSample Snap Vial Ammonia Manual English 78.23 KB
ezSample Snap Vial Nitrate manual English 87.34 KB
ezSample Snap Vial Phosphate Manual English 56.01 KB
Safety Sheets
ezSample – Ammonia K-1413P Safety Data Sheet English 643.25 KB
ezSample Nitrate K69xx Kit Safety Data Sheet English 580.36 KB
ezSample Phosphate K85xx Kit Safety Data Sheet English 424.02 KB

Additional information

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