Advanced Physics 2 Expansion Bundle

Product Code: PS-2868


Together, the Starter Bundle (PS-2863) and the Expansion Bundle (PS-2868) provide all the sensors and PASCO equipment necessary to perform all 16 experiments from the Advanced Physics through Inquiry 2 Teacher Guide (PS-2849)

The Starter Bundle is designed for use with experiments 1-8 and the Expansion Bundle is designed for use with experiments 9-16.

  1. Hydrostatic Pressure
  2. Buoyant Force
  3. Fluid Dynamics
  4. Boyle’s Law
  5. Spherical Mirror Reflection
  6. Snell’s Law
  7. Focal Length of a Converging Lens
  8. Interference and Diffraction
  9. Electric Field Mapping
  10. Magnetic Fields
  11. Magnetic Field Strength
  12. Electromagnetic Induction
  13. Capacitor Fundamentals
  14. Series and Parallel Capacitors
  15. RC Circuits
  16. Planck’s Constant


Software Required

This product requires PASCO software for data collection and analysis. We recommend the following option(s).

Interface Required

This product requires a PASCO Interface to connect to your computer or device. We recommend the following option(s).

Buying Guide

Required Accessories P/N
1x Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2 Teacher Guide PS-2849

Support Documents

AC DC Electronics Laboratory Manual English 2.23 MB
Conductive Paper Manual English 203.72 KB
Field Mapper Kit Manual English 179.50 KB
Induction Wand Manual English 97.02 KB
Magnetic Demonstration System Manual English 1.24 MB
PASPORT Magnetic Field Sensor Manual English 249.88 KB
PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor Manual English 588.17 KB
PASPORT Voltage-Current Sensor Manual English 636.15 KB
Variable Gap Magnet Manual English 1.24 MB