Physics Through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Product Code: PS-2873C


At the heart of PASCO’s Physics through Inquiry lab manual is a commitment to ensuring student learning through all phases of a lab activity.  Questions embedded throughout the activity, sequencing and key term challenges, opportunities to predict outcomes prior to data collection and post-lab multiple choice questions all help to make the connection between lectures and labs as seamless as possible.

38 lab activities are included and all of them can be edited to suit the needs of your students or to better coordinate with your classroom lectures.

PASCO probeware means accurate and repeatable real-time data collection.  Best of all, the experiments can be performed with any of PASCO’s data collection systems.  Whether you use the SPARK Science Learning System, Xplorer GLX or DataStudio there will be a setup that will work for your classroom.


  • Activities covering the fundamental concepts and topics of high school physics
  • “Key term challenge” increases vocabulary skills.
  • Students make predictions before collecting data to ensure they are engaged in
    the activity.
  • Multiple choice questions enforce understanding while preparing students for
    critical standardized exams.


  • Spiral-bound Teacher Binder with PDF versions of each activity and a wealth of resources
  • Editable Word files for each student version
  • Flash Drive containing all information in electronic format