Advanced Environmental Science through Inquiry Teacher Lab Manual (Print)

Product Code: PS-2979A


This teacher manual includes a printed manual, as well as a flash drive containing teacher tips, a PDF teacher version, and an editable student version.

The standards-based Advanced Environmental and Earth Sciences Teacher Guide was designed by educators and curriculum experts. It includes interactive activities for every core topic within the AP Environmental course outline, as well as Earth Science topics. The topics are correlated to the national science standards and cover: earth systems and resources, the living world, population, energy resources and consumption, and pollution. The lab activities engage students in active learning as they make predictions, use critical thinking skills to solve sequencing challenges and answer questions embedded throughout each activity.

This teacher manual includes both printed and PDF teacher versions, a flash drive with teacher tips, and editable Word student versions. The teacher version is complete with guided inquiry lab activities, multiple-choice questions, suggested answers, and much more.

How-to videos are included with the manual and can be found on our website, as well as YouTube. Videos can also be downloaded to your computers or devices. These videos assist with setting up labs and getting the most from your PASCO sensors and equipment.


There are 22 Earth and Environmental Science labs available for FREE in the PASCO Experiment Library. Each lab includes an editable student lab, SPARKvue configuration files, and detailed teacher notes on preparation, background, and sample answers.

  • Determining Soil Quality
  • Insolation and the Seasons
  • Investigating Specific Heat
  • Monitoring Microclimates
  • Sunlight Intensity and Reflectivity
  • Tracking Weather
  • Earth’s Magnetic Field
  • Radiation Energy Transfer
  • Seafloor Spread Plate Tectonics
  • Modeling an Ecosystem
  • Photosynthesis and Primary Productivity
  • Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration
  • Cellular Respiration and Carbon Cycle
  • Energy Content of Food
  • Weather in a Terrarium
  • Yeast Respiration
  • Properties of Water
  • Air Pollution and Acid Rain
  • Monitoring Water Quality
  • Toxicology Using Yeast
  • Water Treatment
  • Greenhouse Gases

What’s Included

  • Convenient spiral-bound binder containing the teacher version
  • Flash drive containing editable Word versions of student handouts
  • PDF teacher version