Advanced Physics 1 Equipment Kit

Product Code: PS-3813


This kit contains all of the equipment and sensors needed to perform 9 of the 15 experiments from the Advanced Physics 1 Experiment Guide (PS-3812).


Software Required

This product requires PASCO software for data collection and analysis. We recommend the following option(s).

Buying Guide

Recommended Accessories P/N
Advanced Physics 1 Lab Manual PS-3812

Support Documents

Adjustable End Stop Manual English 249.16 KB
Angle Indicator Manual English 243.41 KB
Bumper Accessory Set Manual English 398.38 KB
Demonstration Spring Set Manual English 181.51 KB
Discover Friction Accessory Manual English 214.93 KB
Mass and Hanger Set Manual English 50.56 KB
PASTrack Manual English 405.80 KB
Pendulum Clamp Manual English 198.19 KB
Photogate Pendulum Set Manual English 218.75 KB
Replacement Plumb Bobs Manual English 165.81 KB
Super Pulley Kit Manual English 202.82 KB
Wireless Smart Cart Manual English 972.15 KB
Wireless Smart Gate Instruction Sheet English 255.02 KB
Wireless Smart Gate Reference Guide English 4.91 MB