Advanced Physics 2 Lab Manual (Digital)

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This experiment guide covers the latest standards for College Board Advanced Placement Physics 2.

  • Every lab is based on the College Board Learning Objectives.
  • Data Analysis and Assessment Questions are designed to prepare students for the AP® Physics 2 exam
  • Every lab employs the same strategies found in free-response questions on the AP® exam
  • Includes editable student handouts

Prepare your students for inquiry investigations in the physics lab. Each lab is presented in three ways:

  • Structured
  • Guided Inquiry
  • Student-designed

Each lab includes teacher resources. You decide which level of inquiry is appropriate for each lab:

  • Pre-lab discussion and questions
  • Procedural overview
  • Teacher tips
  • Sample data
  • Assessment and synthesis questions
  • Extended inquiry suggestions

How-to videos are included with the manual, on the PASCO website, and on YouTube, and can even be installed on your own computers. These videos focus on setting up the labs and getting the most from your PASCO sensors and equipment.

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Recommended Accessories P/N
This kit allows a lab group to perform 8 of the 16 experiments.

Advanced Physics 2 Equipment Kit

This expansion kit allows a lab group to perform the remaining 8 experiments.

Advanced Physics 2 Expansion Kit



There are 16 investigations in the Advanced Physics 2 Experiment Guide. 8 can be performed using the PS-3816 Equipment Kit. The remainder can be performed by adding the PS-3817 Expansion Kit.

Lab Title Equipment Kit
Expansion Kit
IB Standards AP Standards
1 Hydrostatic Pressure B.3 3.C.4.1; 3.C.4.2
2 Buoyant Force B.3 1.E.1.2; 3.A.3.1; 3.C.4.2
3 Fluid Dynamics B.3 5.B.10.1; 5.B.10.3; 5.B.10.4
4 Boyle’s Law 3.2 5.B.7.2; 7.A.3.2; 7.A.3.3
5 Spherical Mirror Reflection C.1 6.E.4.1; 6.E.4.2
6 Snell’s Law 4.4 6.E.3.2; 6.E.4.2
7 Focal Length of a Converging Lens C.1 6.E.5.1; 6.E.5.2
8 Interference and Diffraction 4.4; 9.2; 9.3 6.C.3.1
9 Electric Field Mapping 5.1; 10.1 2.E.2.1
10 Magnetic Fields 5.4 2.D.2.1; 2.D.3.1; 2.D.4.1
11 Magnetic Field Strength 5.4 2.D.2.1
12 Electromagnetic Induction 11.1 4.E.2.1
13 Capacitor Fundamentals 11.3 4.E.4.2; 4.E.4.3
14 Series and Parallel Capacitors 11.3 4.E.5.3; 5.B.9.5
15 RC Circuits 11.3 4.E.5.1; 4.E.5.2; 4.E.5.3
16 Planck’s Constant 12.1 6.F.3.1; 6.F.4.1

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